Ocean freight

As a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, EGREEN provides the best solution to ship your products from multiple ocean carriers to align with your budget and timing.

Air freight

EGREEN understands the urgency and time constraints when air freight is required. We have a direct connection to airlines and agents to offer dependable and convenient service options to meet your delivery speed and service needs.


For the ground freight or the final transportation leg of your cargo, EGREEN  arranges for the trucking service required from airports or ocean ports to your designated point.


Our experience can help you successfully navigate the complex U.S. and international customs rules and regulations. Let us manage your logistical complications.


Let our logistics team help you develop and implement inventory management solutions.


We now have this service available at LAX and we are already handling millions of Type 86 parcel clearances per month. This is how it works:

  • Almost as fast as Express Consignment Courier Facility (ECCF) clearance, without the reimbursable of $1.08 per parcel
  • Import and/or consignee information sent via Automated Broker Interface (ABI) immediately on arrival and electronic release messages are received from CBP in return
  • Our innovative lookup software enables us to convert shipper-provided HS codes, for all products being shipped, into US acceptable Harmonization Code
  • Type 86 clearances are handled by USCBP in FIFO (First in First out) order, with clearances and holds being received in almost real time
  • Client can also take advantage of Zone Skipping, resulting in cheaper final mile delivery rates utilizing a multitude of final mile partners


allows customers to choose a product or service they want, from any supplier, anywhere in the world. You have a much wider choice than in brick-and-mortar stores. And the freedom to browse digital catalogs without any stress or hurry is priceless. We do B2B and B2C business.

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